Sunday, October 16, 2011

That Cut Deep

Have you ever had an exchange with a friend that really cut you deep...but in a good way? A way that made you rethink things? Something that struck at the heart of what you've been thinking and feeling but were never able to confront it? I did recently and it went like this:

 My wife and I were sitting around drinking some wine and generally having a wonderful time with our good friends (another couple) who live in town. We got to talking about what we could help each other with. The scene went like this:

Female Friend to My Wife: "I'm OK with Excel but I really need to be able to produce this spreadsheet to help me map out the sequences for the play I'm directing."

My Wife: "Oh my God! I can totally help you with that. I'll make you a deal. I love the way your house is decorated. If you come and help me arrange my furniture I'll help you with spreadsheets."
FF: "Done"

At this point her husband (my friend) interjects: "So Joe, I'm teaching you guitar. What can you teach me?"

This elicited a smart ass remark about teaching him to paint faster (my former profession) but I was left thinking...what do I have to teach? It occurred to me that I had very little to offer him. He speaks Spanish, he plays guitar and despite my bitchy comment he is actually a pretty good house painter.

It occurred to me right then that I want to teach people things. I want to be helpful. Stay tuned to my life...

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