Monday, May 16, 2011

Nantucket - Land of Funny Pants

We go to Nantucket every year. That sounds pretentious - deal with it. Just a fact. My wife's family has a house there so I'm a Nantucketer by marriage. The kids love it and it's awesome to have a place where we can walk from the house to the beach. The natural beauty is spectacular and the restaurants are top-notch. And oh by the way - I never take it for granted and I never lose sight of the fact that I couldn't afford to vacation in such a place if my generous father-in-law didn't allow us to stay in his home. That's the good news.

The bad news is the people. Or more specifically - the fashion of the (visiting) people. Welcome to the Faraway Isle where grown men wear pink pants and call it "Nantucket Red" like that makes it OK. They also sport Madras shorts with canary yellow sweaters. It's like everyone but me is adhering to The Preppy Handbook. Every time I visit I feel like I missed a memo stating that everyone should dress like a goof.

What is interesting is that the local residents of the island generally don't dress so silly. They are actually more utilitarian Northeastern (rather than Boston-Bourgeois). We're headed up there soon so I promise to come back with photographs of the local ridiculousness. Stay tuned.