Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Hey, this is Red Rocks!"

Yes it is Bono. Thank you for stating the obvious. Sorry dear readers for my lack of productivity lately but I'm just back from my first trip to Colorado as evidenced by the photo above. I must say that being a dyed in the wool New England boy, the vastness of the whole area freaked me out a little. The sky is so big out there I felt a little exposed. Like some giant hawk might swoop down and plunge its talons into me and carry me off to its gargantuan nest high atop some remote butte. Thankfully that did not happen and I'm back here safe and sound where the roads are curvy and our snow melts by March - usually.

We stayed in downtown Denver and I must say the coolest thing about the place other than some pretty awesome brew pubs (e.g. The Wynkoop) were these bedazzled pianos that dotted the area. They had signs on them welcoming people to sit and pound out a few numbers. I also noted that none of these instruments had been defaced in any way. Clearly I wasn't in Kansas...I mean the New York Metro area any more.

Elvis Costello tells us that travel broadens the mind. I guess I feel slightly broadened but this little taste has made me thirsty for something ...um...broader.